iN²POWER develops and markets inductive power transfer products focusing on the automated material handling market. By offering powerful inductive charging solutions for industrial applications we want to empower the use and possiblities of automated applications, such as AGVs, forklifts, robots, drones, etc.

In the green / blue energy market, iN²POWER wishes to answer the many questions that exist about combining and the optimization of the use of different energy sources.


Our products and solutions contribute to a more efficient, safer environment whereby our customers convert the investment into additional capabilities in the field of continuous activity, increased return, reliability and optimization. All our products will help you to get the highest efficiency with a low cost of ownership. This for all kinds of charging applications.

CleanTech Challenge 2017-2018

As there is a growing interest and need for clean technology, our company engaged itself to be a partner of the CleanTech Challenge Belgium. This initiative is organized by two student organizations, Academics for Technology and Academics for Development, and challenges students to develop a clean t ...

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