CleanTech Challenge 2017-2018

About the competition

As there is a growing interest and need for clean technology, our company engaged itself to be a partner of the CleanTech Challenge Belgium. This initiative is organized by two student organizations, Academics for Technology and Academics for Development, and challenges students to develop a clean technology start-up.

Motivated students from all over Belgium participated in this competition, and competed against each other to win the Belgian competition. Afterwards, the winning team represented our country at the international finals, at London Business School.


Why we value the initiative

We are amazed to see the motivation that thrives students to do something extra during their education. Moreover, green and clean technology is increasingly important these days, and it shows that youngsters are motivated to find solutions. The ideas that came forward were innovative, interesting and challenging. We most certainly respect their insights in technology, and can only encourage initiatives like this one.


For more info about the competition, check their website: