This battery will give a simple solution to maximize energy transfer between two batteries without additional hardware resulting in a higher efficiency.


A different kind of battery

The is a completely new product that allows exchanging and/or recharging between batteries. Existing solutions require hardware interfaces, where the power transfer has a low yield. Away with this cumbersome solution. We replace this with 1 elegant product. allows you to power AGVs, robots, drones, ... at random locations by means of other batterie(-sources) We bring the energy to the investment, rather than immobilizing the investment for recharging purposes.

Increase of efficiency

When one battery needs to charge another battery, it is critical to transfer this energy in an efficient way in order to reduce time and cost during this charging process.
With the implementation of a new technology in a single product, we reach an efficiency of 98%.
Where alternative solutions only shows a performance of about 70 % efficiency, this new iN2POWER-product allows endless applications where the plays a fundamental roll.

Just one product

The BATT2RY is not only a winner when it comes to its efficiency but when it comes to size and weight, this product is unbeatable.
Comparable solutions are based on a “2 step”-energy transfer (inverter + battery charger) which increases the size and weight of the competitors products.
Our elegant and unique product transfers the energy between 2 batteries with a minimum of cabling.


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