If you want to have a full automatic security system with drones or a full automatic AGV park, give te perfect solution with . With the inductive opportunity charging there is no need for a third person.


Opportunity charging re-engineered

Wireless charging is known as the technology of the future. While everything becomes electric driven the need for wireless charging solutions only has increased during the last months. Challenges for this technology are found when a high amount of energy is needed over a short charging period. Today, IN2POWER is able to fulfill this need with the iN.CHARGE-modules iN.CHARGE is the wireless inductive charging system where AGVs are loaded while parking in a particular location along a pillar or built in the floor.


The iN.CHARGE products allow different types of AGVs to co-exist perfectly and share the same infrastructure.
iN.CHARGE fits all common battery types and the benefits of time gain will be increasingly highlighted when battery technology evolves in the coming years.
Our product range provide 30A, 40A, 125A, 250A and 500A fast-loading modules which are the ideal answers for the market of 'opportunity charging' or 'continuous' loading.

Minimize charging time

The iN.CHARGE is able to wirelessly transfer this high amount of energy.
The optimal efficiency amounts to almost 95 %; which is unseen in the market. With these figures we are proud to be the number one product in the market.

This means that we transfer 32 kW of energy over an airgap (keeping efficiencies above 90% ) varying from less than 1 cm to almost 5 cm.
Speaking in figures, we charge batteries at a current of 500A with battery voltages up to 64V.


With this product iN2POWER NV is the best fit partner for the wireless charging of AGV’s, robots and drones.
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